Frequently Asked Questions

+What is the Consumer Surveys Panel?

The Consumer Surveys Panel consists of individual consumers who are between the ages of 18 to 65 and do not have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Each panelist completes a registration survey detailing their household's food consumption behavior that allows Consumer Surveys to fit you into appropriate food tasting tests. Individuals must work or reside within the Minneapolis or St. Paul and surrounding areas, as the majority of taste tests are held in these locations. Everyone who participates in a taste test are given an incentive check for their time. You will also earn MarketPoints for every on-line survey you take, which you can redeem for a $10 Gift Card*.

+What is the purpose of the Consumer Surveys Panel?

The Consumer Surveys Panel exists to connect individual consumers with food manufacturers in order to improve their product offerings. Your opinions will be analyzed by the manufacturers in order to help them improve the food products that are being tested.

+Who can participate?

Individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 65 and work or reside within the Minneapolis or St. Paul and surrounding areas may participate. Panelists must not have any food allergies or dietary restrictions as they are asked to participate in the tasting of food products. Only one registration per household is allowed.

+How do I join?

Joining Consumer Surveys requires 2 steps:

-Answer a few personal questions to see if you are eligible
-Fill out your registration profile survey which will be emailed to you

Upon completion of this registration profile, you will earn your first 300 marketpoints and receive a confirmation email stating that you are an active member of Consumer Surveys. At that time you will begin receiving communication emails and surveys from Consumer Surveys.

If you enjoy being a part of Consumer Surveys, then please refer a friend! We are actively seeking more members and will credit your account with 50 MarketPoints for every referral that joins our panel. Only one membership per household is allowed.

+How much are MarketPoints worth?

1 MarketPoint = 1 cent USD. Once you have 1,000 MarketPoints you may redeem them for a $10 Gift Card.  In the event that the Consumer Surveys MarketPoints program should terminate, please be aware of the following:
As a Consumer Surveys member you will be notified via e-mail that the program is being terminated and that you will have 90 days to redeem your MarketPoints.   In the event that the panel does close, you will be able to redeem your points, even if you haven’t reached the 1000 point minimum threshold.

+How do I track my MarketPoints?

Log in to your account. To view the total amount of MarketPoints accumulated, click on the 'My MarketPoints' link which can be found under the 'Administration' header.

+How do I get paid for participating in taste-tests?

When you are invited to attend in-person studies you will be compensated with a check for your time. Compensation amounts range, but average about $40 per hour. Because of the payment you receive, Internal Revenue Service regulations require that certain payees be provided with Annual Information Returns (Form 1099 MISC) for payments made to them during the past calendar year. To comply with government regulations, we require social security information at the time you participate in an in-person study in order to determine if you should be provided with a Form 1099 MISC at the end of the calendar year. Incentive payments cannot be made without this information on file.

+How often will I be asked to participate in a survey or taste test?

You may receive several on-line surveys each month. You may also be invited to participate in a LIVE test up to 6 times each year, but never more than once every two months. For each study, you'll receive an invitation by E-mail to participate.

+What happens at a Taste Test?

You will be asked to drive to a facility, such as a community center near you, at a pre-scheduled time to participate in a one-hour session in which you may taste from one to several different products. Once in a while you may be asked to participate in a session that is longer than an hour, perhaps two hours in length, but in those cases you are given a higher compensation amount for your time. After tasting the products you will complete a questionnaire about the product(s) you just tasted, giving your opinions about them. Once we've collected your questionnaire responses, your information is aggregated into a group of responses and sent to our food-manufacturing clients to assist in the development of their food products.

+Do you arrange other types of food research?

Yes, in addition to online surveys and live taste tests, we organize discussion groups, simulated shopping experiences, cooking groups and many other exciting research opportunities.

+What if I live outside of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas?

At this time we are only conducting taste tests with consumers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding areas. As Panelists are asked to drive to one of our facilities to participate in a taste test, it is reasonable that we are only looking for individuals who work or reside within our testing area.

+How is my privacy protected?

Consumer Surveys is a strong supporter of privacy. We follow CASRO (Council of Survey Research Organizations) guidelines to protect respondent confidentiality. Please click on the "Privacy" link at this site to review our complete policy on participant privacy.

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