Consumer Surveys is a local Twin Cities based organization which brings individual consumers together to participate in food related market research.

Food manufacturers are very interested in what consumers have to say about their products, so we coordinate taste test and discussion groups so that consumers, like you, can share your opinions with the manufacturers who create food products.

Consumer Surveys specializes in:

  • Online food product surveys
  • Live Taste tests
  • Live discussion groups
  • Live simulated shopping experiences
  • Live cooking groups
  • and many other exciting research opportunities

By joining the Consumer Surveys Panel:

  • You will have an opportunity to share your views, which in turn will be used to help improve the food products that are being tested.
  • You will be entering a community of individual consumers who reside in the Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding areas.
  • All of your responses and data will remain confidential. We analyze and publish data (your opinions about the products) only in the aggregate, never at the individual level.

If you are interested in becoming a member, click on Join Now and you will be asked a couple of short questions to determine if you are eligible to join the Consumer Surveys panel. If you are eligible, you will be sent a confirmation email inviting you to complete a registration survey regarding your consumer habits. You must complete this registration survey in order to activate your membership. Upon completion of this registration profile you will receive a confirmation email stating that you are an active member of Consumer Surveys and your account will be credited with your first 300 MarketPoints. We strongly recommend that you add to your safe sender list to ensure the registration survey is delivered to you successfully.